A new book about Murray Bookchin is coming out this week in Montreal. Strangely I was reading the same week, an interesting book from Graham Purchase called « Anarchism and Environmental Survival » in which the author takes a green syndicalist or class struggle anarchist stance toward different issues related to ecology movement (animal rights, technology, bioregionalism, etc.). The author critics some ideas of Murray Bookchin like that the ecological social movement would come from a « classless class ». Purchase points that the evacuation of the working class perspective wouldn’t give way to tomorrow’s anarchist economical structure. The best for you would be to read it yourself. Here’s the PDF of the whole book taken from LibCom. An entire chapter is dedicated to Bookchin’s ideas (starting at p 57 of the book). Meanwhile Purchase critics Bookchin he recognises the later contribution to anarchist ideas, so the tone of the text is soft toward him.

graham purchase