Online workshop: ABC’s of the  »International Workers’ Association »

A live Jitsi meeting will be streamed.

This meeting is prepared specifically for Canadian anarchists/anarcho-syndicalists.

ABC’s of the  »International Workers’ Association »
1 hour long Facebook Live
by Ben Smith*, member of ASF-IWA

Hear the FacebookLive here:

Sunday November 21st 2021
7h30pm Eastern Standard Time


Prerecorded presentation – 40 min
– Historical context (key dates, key concerns, key terms).
… Capitalism and the state: oligarchy and bureaucracy
… Revolution as (direct) democracy
…Anarchist federation and mass organizations

– Anarcho-syndicalism as strategy (our double aims).

– The International Workers Association (IWA-AIT)

– How we organize
…Secretariat and organic communication
…Initiative « from below »
…Periodic congresses and plenaries- How we fight
…Direct action in practice- Membership:
…Sections and friend groups
…How to become member


The following 20 minutes will be Questions and Answers for participants of the invited people in the JITSI meeting only.

*Ben Smith is a member of the  »International Workers’ Association » section in Australia, the  »Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation ». He has already given several  »What is the IWA » and  »What is anarcho-syndicalism » workshops online. He is also the author of a 24 minutes ‘‘Anarcho-syndicalist principles » video on Youtube, which was viewed 71 300 times and liked 2 700 times

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