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A global union federation composed of unions representing 176 million workers in 161 countries and territories is making climate justice one of its top priorities.

Sharan Burrow, general secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation  (ITUC) said that climate change is a union issue because « there are no jobs on a dead planet. »

« The dominant global economic model is destroying jobs and the planet, » said Burrow. Governments need to support a transition to a more sustainable economy.

ITUC recognizes that such a transition could be disruptive and cause hardships for working people, especially those in countries with inadequate resources; consequently, the federation is demanding that unions have a voice in this transition.

We want to see the transition happen « through investment in new green jobs, skills, income protection, and other necessary measures implemented everywhere, with adequate funding for the poorest and most vulnerable nations, » reads ITUC’s manifesto on climate change action.

ITUC is…

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