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More information about IWA’s unpaid wages campaign

Booklet from Poland IWA affiliate about fights against unpaid wages – clic to download

Here are some complementary informations about the International Week Against Unpaid Wages lunched by the International Workers’ association

While we consider direct action to be a very effective tool in getting the owed wages back, we are aware that even if we won all owed wages, the phenomenon won’t cease to exist. The nature of the capitalist system will always play into the hand of bosses and they will try other tricks on workers. Therefore, we don’t call for “fair” wages or treatment. The problem is the wage system itself, because someone usurps the work of someone else and gives only part of its value in return. Furthermore, we don’t think that direct action itself is the goal. It is very important that it is interconnected with collective organizing, decision-making, experience sharing and generally building the culture of mutual aid.

The aim of the unions associated in the IWA is not only short-term material victories. We realize that everyday struggle against unpaid wages is just a direct response to an immediate problem. Even though we consider it a defensive struggle, it is at the same time part of our wider long-term struggle for substantial changes in society.

We want a different world. Without capitalism and its production based on profit and not people’s needs. Without hierarchies on all levels of social life which artificially divide us and are a breeding ground for inequality and oppression. And without the state which is just a reliable saviour of capitalism and holder of the power over the rest of society. To lead happy and dignified lives and develop our abilities and society as well, we don’t need either of them.

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