Nouvelle édition du Anarcho-syndicalist Review!! (hiver 2014)

Anarcho-Syndicalist Review 61

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ASR 61 (Winter 2014)

3  Editorials: Work Until You Drop

4  Are the Republicans Anarchists? A Reply to Sen. Warren

5  Wobbles: Shutting Down the Government, Subsidizing Poverty Wages, High-Tech Sweatshops, There is a Limit

6  Syndicalist News: Spanish CNT Fights Pension “Reform,” Low-Wage Workers’ Rebellion Spreads, USI General Strike, Bangladeshi Garment Workers, Independent Truckers Strike, Wobbly News… Compiled by Mike Hargis

9  Solidarity Actions Hit Santander Bank  by John Kalwaic

9  Report from IWA’s 25th Congress in Valencia

11  Articles: Speech to Metalworkers: Anarcho-Syndicalism for South African Unions Todayby Lucien van der Walt

21  Workers’ Self-Directed Enterprises: A Revolutionary Program  by Wayne Price

25  Anarchist Economics  by Iain McKay

29  For Cyber Syndicalism  by Jeff Shantz

31  Victor Serge: The Worst of the Anarchists  by Iain McKay

39  Reviews: Prosperity Through Self-Management  Review essay by Brian Martin

44  The Irrational in Economics  Review essay by Jeff Stein

47  Anarchist Solidarity with the Palestinian Struggle  Review by Steve Kellerman

48  Early New Zealand Anarchism  Review by Graham Purchase

48  Kropotkin for Beginners  Review Essay By Graham Purchase

50  Taking Proudhon Seriously  Review essay by Iain McKay

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